Today’s Prayer (you can pray this aloud it helps when you hear your self) Father God you are a merciful God, Forgiving and restoring all those that they come to you with a humble spirit. Today, as we take this great opportunity you have given us, to live the life of Jesus Christ, we ask you for a fresh release of your Holy Spirit, as we are standing with a heart full of expectation waiting for your amazing acts, your supernatural anointing that can equip us to face once again our enemies, and bring them under the subjection and the authority of Jesus Christ! Father God, you are a God of righteousness and truth and you cannot deny yourself of who you are. We ask you to reveal yourself into our hearts, once again, so we can see in the mirror of your Spirit the resurrected Christ, standing in us, and living His victorious life in and through us! Oh God, you have given us much more than we can ask or think by giving us Jesus Christ the anointed one who is filling all with His Glory! Oh God, we cry from the depths of our heart, to come to this extremely important revelation, of who we are in Christ, and what we can do through Him as we see him as our very life! Help us to understand that in our sinful nature there is nothing which is good, but pain, sorrow, destruction and death! But contrary in our new life in Christ Jesus, there is peace, joy, success and eternal Life! Thank you wonderful God for because of your faithfulness, we are alive! Because of your kindness, we can become shareholders of your holiness! As the year is changing, we want to change from one level of glory to another one! As time is passing, we ask you to grant us with this end-time anointing of Glory that will affect our soul spirit and body, and will make us shine in the darkness that has fallen in the system of this world. Yes God we are your chosen generation, we are those that have been saved, and washed in the blood of your Son Jesus! We are those that you have planned before the foundation of this world, to be called the manifested sons of God and to bring glory honour and praises to your Mighty Name…Amen


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