THE JOY OF THE LORD IS YOUR STRENGTH The world may have happiness they find in their environment but joy is something only believers have. Joy is a fruit of faith. We need no more to make us happy than to have the Lord Jesus with our spirits for in Him, all spiritual blessings are summed up. That is why believers can be happy amidst poverty, pain and challenges of life. They do not turn away from God when in difficulty. Whether difficulty or not, genuine believers stay true to Him because HE is a faithful God. Well did the Psalmist say in Psalm 73:25-26, “What else do I want in heaven but God? Since I have God, what else do I want on earth? My mind and my body may grow weak – but God is my strength, He all I need!” If you turn to God once, He will turn to you a million times. Remember, money, fame or position cannot buy happiness. Your hands may be full of money and your brain full of information but if your heart is empty, your life is very empty. The peace of conscience we derive from our walking with the Lord produces internal joy – the kind of joy that nothing can destroy!


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