NOTHING HAPPENS FOR NOTHING As Christians, when our trials or difficulties are getting hotter and tougher, we are getting closer to our freedom and breakthrough. The principle of life says that, nothing happens for nothing; nothing comes by chance. If you understand this principle, you will always reflect on life itself, rather than on the situation you are in (Job 27:1-6). But those who do not understand the principle of life, they will always complain about the unkindness of people around them or blame their unpleasant situation on others, without a proper reflection on life itself. As a Christian, you must understand that whatever happens to you is for a purpose. Today, everybody desires breakthrough, whereas disappointment most times serves to keep us for a new level in life. Mention any biblical character or any clean and clear successful person in our generation around the world today and he will tell you how much pain, isolation, rejection, hatred and name-calling he had to endure before he could get to a new level in life. Prayer: Lord, Jesus Christ, give me the grace to see life the way You see it. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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