MAKING A CHOICE IN GREATNESS Many people today are ready to do anything and come against anyone in order to get what they want. They want to become great at any price, but in all this, there is something we must know: You can become great in life but the source of your greatness will be either God or satan. There are two kinds of greatness: 1. Greatness born of God – is to derive your resources from God 2. Greatness born of satan – is to derive your resources from satan. When God is the source of your strength, no one can be against you. I mean, you and God are majority. So Abram, in Genesis 14:15-end, with the help of God, was able to defeat his enemies and recover all the goods and set the captives free. Now, considering the great number of plunders, what do you think made Abram to reject the goods? An ordinary man would see those plunders as a blessing. Abram knew what it takes to derive one’s resources from God. Abram knew that to live the good life, you must drink at the good fountain. Many today spend their lives looking for blessing but it is not every blessing that will be of benefit to you. The blessing given by the world concerns only body and time, tension and pressure, sickness. I mean a blessing without peace of mind. The blessing God gives is for all good. I mean it enriches our soul for eternity.


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