LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL! What is your dark moment? It could be frustration, setback, or worse, your own tormenting weakness. As Christians, in our walk with the Lord, we have good and hard times. We often find ourselves in dark tunnels where, without faith, it is difficult to see the way out. In these moments, hold on to your faith. Begin to appreciate Jesus Christ for all His mercies. Don’t wait till you get to the end of the tunnel before you say, “Thank You, Jesus”. Those who say, “Thank You, Jesus” before they get to the end of the tunnel are those who say, “Thank You, Jesus” when they get to the end of the tunnel. The extent of your thanksgiving is the extent of your blessing. God never promised to keep us away from darkness but He promised to see us through it. If the situation you are in right now does not guarantee your future, don’t lose heart or give up. Hold on to hope, which is the light of faith and you will surely come out of it stronger than you went in. PRAYER: Oh Holy Spirit, Light of our minds, come and enlighten me. Come, Author of all good and console me, in Jesus’ name.


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