LET THE WORD PREVAIL The Book of Acts says that the Word of God grew in the mind of the people and gained supremacy over them. The Word living in you, gets into your blood and becomes an integral part of you. The Word dominating you is theLordship of Christ in you. But how many believers, because the Word does not prevail, live as common men, talk as common men, reason as common men and fail as common men? Unless you are a doer of the Word, you are not a believer of the Word. You have nothing but a sense assent, mental assent – a religion of words without corresponding action. The Scripture is useless, baseless and dead until we act on it. It is acting on the Word that builds faith in the believer. Jesus Christ preached the Word, healed the sick and broke the power of demons over men. The apostles preached the Word, the sick were healed and multitudes were recreated. I want to encourage you to read your Bible with devotion, regularly, attentively and repeatedly. Then, you will become familiar with the way and manner God speaks and the way we answer God with our lives. Then, you will become one with a difference – through God’s Word, by His Spirit. Prayer: Lord Jesus, give me the grace to make Your Word the standard for my life, my thoughts, my actions and my deeds. Give me the grace to believe Your Word and act upon it, in Jesus’ name. FURTHER BIBLE READING: Acts 12:17-20 James 1:25 2 Thessalonians 1


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