DON’T SLEEP SPIRITUALLY “When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?” Luke 18:7-9 Are you earnestly waiting for the coming of the Lord? How prepared are you to receive Him? Were He to come today, I mean, if He comes today, where will He meet you? The Bible says, the Son of man will come at a time when you are least prepared for Him. Therefore, make the most of life because life is too short to waste time on things that have no lasting value (Psalm 39:4-6). You just have to begin to think about Jesus’ return. That should be the object of your thoughts. Forget about what you are asking for from God. What you are waiting to receive – healing and deliverance is a past tense victory. You just have to think about the maintenance. You will be healed because of Jesus return, so that you can follow Jesus as a child follows his parents because you are a child of God. Jesus is coming. Don’t be in the dark about the coming of Jesus Christ. Your mind is the watchman. If it sleeps, the wily foe – clever enemy takes the opportunity to attack. Don’t sleep spiritually because of the coming of Jesus. You can sleep, but not spiritually because of Jesus’ return. Prayer: Lord Jesus, make my mind the watchman. Make my mind at its best for God. Strengthen me to watch and pray, in Jesus’ name.


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