DIFFERENCES IN RELATIONSHIP How many friends have you lost because of differences? How many relationships have been broken because of unacknowledged or unrecognised differences between the people in relationship? The book of Romans teaches us that all of us have made mistakes we regret and all of us have sinned and been forgiven (Romans 3:22-24). This forgiveness must be extended to our neighbours, our friends, our family, our colleagues for a forgiving heart paves the way for harmonious relationships. If two people come together in relationship, they must recognise this difference of temper in them for their relationship to endure or last. If one is weak in one area, he might be strong in another area. This means, they have their weaknesses and strengths. Those differences are what make them unique – a feature they must recognise in each other. In other words, you must recognise the differences in your qualities and natural gifts you are endowed with. If you reject one on account of their weaknesses, you also reject his strength. Who knows, many have rejected their prospective helpers because of their inability to see beyond the situation at hand. A person who is a thorn in your flesh today, may be the one to help you tomorrow. As Jesus said to Peter in one moment, “Get behind me, you are satan to Me,” in another moment said, “You are Peter; upon this rock I will build my church” (Matthew 16:13-23). Success is a collection of relationships. It is by relationship that people bring out what others lack for the benefit of us. So set aside the differences to bring about compassion and relationship among us. Let your strength help your brother’s weakness and let your weakness be helped by their strength. I am because you are; you are because I am. Further Biblical Reading: Acts 15:6-11 Hebrews 13 Matthew 18:21-35


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